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I'"In my experience as an artist, at the Living Room, I felt it was a warm and inclusive place to perform where players are treated with respect by both the management and audience. It's an invested and engaged audience, which is a nice change from the wallpaper gigs I usually play where the crowd competes with the music I'm giving them."

Whitney Ross-Barris

"What a wonderful evening of music, laughter and friendship on Saturday night.  I am yet again so impressed by the talent you bring to the Living Room! 

Thanks so much."


"My show at The Living Room was everything I'd hoped: intimate, fun, delightful...The audience really paid attention, interacting when requested to do so, and otherwise just seeming to soak it up. A room full of music lovers AND great sound--who could ask for anything more?"

Blair Packham

Every evening at The Living Room just makes us want to come back for more!!! Thanks for creating such an intimate venue to experience these artists in!


I've played *a lot* of rooms. I loved EVERYTHING about The Living Room: It's a cool, unique space to play, with an attentive and enthusiastic audience. There's a great team of organizers / sound techs focused on making sure everything was in place for this artist to thrive and the audience to enjoy. Great sound, great acoustics, a house-concert like vibe in a small theatre type space. The Living Room is a hidden gem of a venue that likely won't stay hidden for long. 

Jory Nash

What a great playing experience! Fantastic sound, a great listening audience, and Ken and his crew were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have really built something special at The Living Room.

Lynne Hanson

"The Living Room is wonderful intimate performance space."

My Sweet Patootie

An outstandingly intimate way to experience any artist or small ensemble. Fantastic sound. 5 out of 5!


I believe I was the 2nd act to ever perform at the Living Room, the experience was a true honor for me. A super attentive audience combined with a extremely cozy space and a creative setup. This sort of venue/ opportunity for performers in the Ontario region is a rare thing these days... Ken and the Family @ The Living Room have a firm understanding of that and work hard to create a rich environment for artist to deliver the best they can!  Keep it up Ken !

Sean Pinchin

I've attended a lot of concerts in my life, and nothing compares to the Living Room.  Great music, intimate setting and fabulous acoustics.  What else could you ask for.


Jan and I love coming here. Such an intimate venue to discover new, passionate artists who just love to play. Great sound...very 'folky' vibe - and free cookies!!



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